Another Shoe at an Israeli

1 03 2009

It seems that the trend of shoe-throwing as a form of protest has picked up quite quickly among Palestine supporters. This time it was in the Netherlands, and the new target was an IDF reserves officer of Dutch origin, Captain Ron Edelheit, who was giving a speech at a hotel to the Jewish community, about Israel and the latest Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

Edelheit received four shoes, actually hitting him in the head, from two men and one woman in their 20s, who paid their entrance fees for the lecture. The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported in its online version,, that Edelheit hadn’t even begun his speech by that time. The initial location for the lecture, the Amsterdam College Hotel, had gotten letters threatening Edelheit’s life and so the lecture had to be moved to another hotel. The same article mentions that during the lecture pro-Palestine protestors were screaming outside, “Gas the Jews.”

I’m not a big fan of shoe throwing. In a previous post, I doubted the effectiveness of this form of protest, not to mention its barbarity. It started with President Bush in Iraq and is now spreading quite quickly. Again I point out that you can show your support for the Palestinian cause or the Israeli cause, or both, in peaceful manner, respectful manner. Shoe-throwing, which is meant to be a great insult in the Arab world, demeans and undermines the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza. Yet again, Palestine supporters are viewed as uncivilized and vulgar. Topping all of that with “Gas the Jews” is not only wrong, but also utterly and unjustifiably inhumane. If the report is true, these three words equate pro-Palestine supporters with murderers of genocide. Is that what’s wanted here?

The protestors’ disapproval is heard loud and clear. These incidents could make Israeli spokesmen less courageous the next time they try to defend all of Israel’s actions. But there are many consequences to this shoe-throwing craze. It damages the image of the cause and all its supporters. It casts an unfavorable generalization. And image is very important, folks.

Here is a YouTube video of the protest outside, prepared by the protesters themselves…




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