A Moral Army With Some Immoral Actions

19 03 2009

By Uriel Sinai - Getty Images

By Uriel Sinai - Getty Images


To many Arabs and Muslims across the world, today must be one of those “Haaah, I told you so!” days. Articles came out carrying the testimonies of Israeli soldiers about IDF abuses and brutality during the latest war in Gaza. Soldiers who had participated in Operation Cast Lead told their stories and witness accounts during a seminar at the military academy Oranim Academic College.

You can read the BBC article here.

This should not be particularly shocking news to those of us who remain skeptical about armies and militants and the situation in general. In fact, it does not seem to be shocking news to many Arabs and Muslims who had long believed that all Israeli soldiers are trained to exterminate Palestinians, no exceptions. Reading the online talkbacks on the Israeli newspaper, the Haaretz, many Israelis also don’t seem to be shocked. Some brushed the article off as random errors. Others continued to hold the belief that war is war and, well… whatever.

This is a rare moment for another reason, however. Our witnesses here are the same young soldiers that many accused of being brainwashed and hateful. These are the same soldiers that many in the Muslim world have branded as killing machines with no conscience. Well, fellas, there is still much conscience left. This is true courage that we see coming from these soldiers, admirable and commendable.  

Defense Minister Ehud Barak commented that the Israeli army is the “most moral army in the world,” and that these are exceptions to the rule. A young ex-IDF soldier told me that the Israeli army is no more and no less moral than any other army in the world.


*Check an earlier blog post about refuseniks and soldiers who speak up.



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13 03 2012
Ignacio Frizzle

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