It all comes from education

21 03 2009

The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, published news about a heart-warming initiative. The Israeli Ministry of Education is implementing a new program as part of the mandatory school curriculum, where Jewish students learn about Arab and Muslim culture and Arab-Israeli students learn about the Jewish culture and religion.

Click here to read the full article.

This new curriculum is recommended to start from pre-school throughout the final 12th grade.

Education toward Jewish-Arab co-existence is essential;” said Prof Gabi Solomon from Haifa University, “without it we will be a divided society.” Wise words. Really common sense, don’t you think?

With the most recent Israeli elections showing a divided culture with an apparent Arab minority, this program comes in at an important and crucial time. This should have been implemented years ago and it should spread to all the Arab and Muslim countries. Knowledge is key. Knowledge is power. Education shapes our thinking, especially youth thinking. It’s truly about time that we all learn about each other, really learn, to avoid misconceptions, stereotypes and irrational condemnation.

The Haaretz titled it a “revolution.” May this be the first step to many better ones.




One response

14 09 2010
Aston Kwok

Thank you. A much more hopeful post. Though I wonder how the initiative is developing in the current political climate in Israel.

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