Yellow Farce

27 03 2009


The British Times online, along with the Israeli Haaretz,  published news lately that the famous, long-running American TV show, The Simpsons, will go to the “Holy Land” next season.

The premise will be that the Christians, the Jews and Muslims are united in that they all get mad at Homer,” said the show’s creator Al Jean.

“It’s the only thing they can agree on.”

Poor Homer! The butt of all jokes again.

Homer won’t really solve the conflict in the Middle East (as the Haaretz’s headline humurously suggests). That’s a little too heavy of a burden for our clueless, goofy, yellow man.  What the Simpsons and their likes do best is provide an outlet of humor to really serious topics.

The show has generally been cautious when it comes to religions. It’s safe to say that it’s taken a different policy than say, South Park.

One of the Simpson’s favorite characters is Krusty the Clown: a Jew with scattered, curly, tealish hair who got disowned by his rabbi father for wanting to “act up” and making people laugh. Bart and Lisa reunite the two in a sarcastically funny episode later on.

As for Islam-related episodes, in one episode Bart comes back home from school in the afternoon, and right at the door, he yells “Salam Alaykom” to a South-Asian-looking kid walking outside. The kid responds with another “Salam Alaykom.”

I’m not a Simpsons’ die-hard fan, but this episode I’m looking forward to watch. 



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