A Photography Storm

2 04 2009


MediaStorm, Iraq - Screen Capture

MediaStorm, Iraq - Screen Capture

This post is not directly related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, but it is related to conflicts and human suffering in general, not to mention a cool, young thing.

MediaStorm is a website that features some of the best photojournalism work out there, with beautiful multimedia twists.

I first knew about this company through my journalism class. With truly beautiful photography, talented editing and capturing themes, this website offers award winning work that is not only changing photojournalism, but journalism in general. Some of the videos you see are actually photos done through continuous, fast shooting.

This is a very new trend and a brilliant one. It tells us something about our very visual-oriented generation, and our technology-obsessed world.

To those of you who think this is old news, I apologize.

To those of you who haven’t heard of it before, click and get excited!


MediaStorm, Rwanda - Screen Capture

MediaStorm, Rwanda - Screen Capture





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