United We Rob

5 04 2009

robbery cartoon

A rather funny piece of news was published on the AFP (Agence France-Presse) last week, on March 29th.

“An Israeli and a group of Palestinians last week set aside their differences in order to carry out an armed bank robbery,” the report said.

Six men, two of which were Palestinians from the West Bank, three Palestinian-Israelis and one Jewish Israeli, barged into a bank in Ramallah and stole nearly $30,000. All of them fled, two were caught and the rest are being looked for. The Jewish Israeli, the report said, was the mastermind of the robbery.

Colonel Adnan al-Damiri from the Palestinian police said that such a coordination makes a “dangerous” new trend in organized crime. Are you laughing yet?

Robbery is undoubtedly a serious crime. This news, however, is both funny and relieving in a way, seeing how some brash Palestinians and Israelis are directing their energy for something in common for a change. If only they redirect their energy for something slightly more productive.  

Imagine the scenes that might have occurred among these robbers. The Jewish Israeli with a stick in his hand, drawing the bank’s blueprint on the Middle Eastern sand, in a dark alleyway, directing the Palestinians here and there, and later, all of them get together and fight over how to split the money. Too fictional? Maybe. 



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