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The Arab-Israeli conflict is one with much history. It has crusaded the news for decades now, since Israel’s War of Independence in 1948. It has been called many names, and many nicknames too: The Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab-Israeli issue, the Israeli-Arab issue… A clash of civilizations, a clash of humans, a Holy war, chaos, dirty politics…. The list is long, sloppy and redundant.


Its existence persists, however. Some of you may be living it, some may know about it, some may know of it and others may not know it at all. The fact on the ground, as journalists say, is that there is still war. We are bound to see some clash on the news at least every couple of months, if things are going relatively well.


The ancient sides of this conflict are the Palestinians and the Israelis. The Arab countries have tended to gravitate towards it, however, with many boycotting Israel and refusing to declare its existence with the current conditions. The East and the West have also been involved, mainly in peace attempts. Quite frankly, everyone’s hands are tainted with blood. To say otherwise is ludicrous.


For a brief background on the conflict, you can visit the United Nations website. There are many historians who continue to investigate the issue; some leaning to one side than the other. What you read is your choice.



The Bull’s Eye


The bull’s eye of this humble blog and these modest posts is to observe and investigate the younger generation’s perspective, my generation: people at the beginning of adulthood, late 20s at most, who have yet to achieve any political or social status.


My thinking is that if the old guys couldn’t achieve love and understanding for each other after all those years, not even a hint of peaceful coexistence, then perhaps the new guys, us, can begin to do so.


This is not a ranting blog. This is not a blog that attempts to divulge into history, point fingers, play the blame game, or play the nonchalant game. There are enough of those, and more.


The goal is to evoke discussion and dialogue. I am not the most well-rounded person about this conflict, but I am intrigued and very eager to learn. Your comments and suggestions are crucial.


Why “Similar Faces”?


I have called this blog “Similar Faces” because I believe that if the foes and enemies in this conflict take a good look at each other, among those hostile crowds that we see on TV all the time, they would find faces similar to theirs. It has been my experience that we’re not all that different from each other, as much as we might hate to admit. If we really look at each other we’ll find familiar faces, with similar experiences and backgrounds, even similar emotions.  


 So look into that crowd and find that similar face.


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